Funny Insurance Commercial

Brand:  Central Beheer Insurance

Often an individual finds that he is stuck in circumstances where there is no way out. This funny commercial uses just that scenario to get their message across. It clearly depicts the importance of insurance. This Ad is not only very effective but also very creative. Insurance as a sector has been a little hesitant to use humor in their commercials. It is good to see few companies breaking the conventional norm.

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Funny Commercials : Microsoft

Microsoft has enjoyed a monopoly when it comes to operating systems ever since the advent of personal computers.Though Microsoft doesn’t have any solid competitors, it faces ever increasing threat from the alarming increase in piracy. Microsoft loses billions of dollars due to piracy.Software like nod 32, help prevent piracy. Hence, Microsoft has launched commercials like these to enlighten people about the quality and reliability that only original software can provide consistently. Microsoft really hit the hammer on the head with this funny commercial.

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Funny German Commercial : May Day SOS

English is by far the the language of the world. Decent English skills are a must for survival in this globalized planet where one has to deal with people from all around the world. A lot of companies have tapped into the market and made themselves a decent fortune. This funny commercial is about a English language institute. The commercial clearly highlights why English is so important. The pinch of humor makes this Ad nothing short of epic.

Funny lottery commercial : The smartest guy

Brand : Quick Kiwi
Quick Kiwi is a lottery brand that operates in New Zealand. With global turmoil at its peak more and more people have been buying lottery tickets in the hope of getting lucky. This has brought the lottery industry much more main stream as far as the advertisements are concerned. A twist of humor is usually added to appeal to the younger generation who want to get rich quick.

Funny Dutch Cell phone Commercial

Brand : imode
The use of humor in advertisement is going more and more main stream. Many telecom providers have added a touch of humor to their commercials. Funny commercials not only gets one attention but also goes viral after a period of time. This leads to passive promotions through social sites like twitter and facebook. This promotion is not only free but also leads to increase in brand awareness. Free advertising at its best.

Funny Detergent Commercial

Brand : Method
Ordinary detergents leave back toxic chemical residue after cleaning. This residue is harmful for you and your little ones later on. This is more of a funny awareness campaign then a commercial. It is not only informative but also very creative. The organic and chemical free industry has grown by manifolds in the last decade and is expected to maintain the exponential growth pattern over the coming year.

Funny Car Commercial : Perfect Hostage

Brand : Audi
This is a Funny car commercial showcases the Audi R8 from the winter 3 years back. This state of art vehicle ends up getting caught in a tight situation in this cool Audi ad. Its held hostage and as a bait to escape by a fugitive. When did you ever think the perfect hostage would be a car ?

Funny Pepsi Commercial

Brand : Pepsi
Pepsi as we know is one of the leading aerated beverages brand in the world. It has also been on the forefront of advertising due to its offbeat and hilarious commercials. Pepsi was one of the leading brands to integrate humor into its commercials. Pepsi faces heavy competition with coca cola in the sector. This has led to increased focus on marketing. Beverage sector will come up with the most off beat commercials in the coming years.